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Reblog if you can speak more than 1 language.

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These are my 5 most noted outfits of 2013 :) First photo had the most notes and so on and so forth.
Thank you for supporting me all through this year <3 I love all of you and you are amazing.

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walking for Y’S fall 2014

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Lothar Daniel Bechtold, Fashion Designer
Corporate Identity, Fashion Collection Sales Folder, Website, Promotions, Social Media

Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Position: Creative Director, Art Director

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This is off the Bermuda Triangle,  where 16+ ships washed up on a sand bar. The mystery is still unsolved

Actually the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been given a scientific explanation: methane vents which have been discovered in that region. 

Methane reduces the density of water, causing ships that would normally float, to instead sink.

Methane, when in gas form, messes with the electrical components of aircraft, causing them to fail and sometimes fall right out of the sky.

Methane also causes the water to turn a ghostly greenish color, and the “ghost ships” reported to be seen are simply green reflections of the ships that scatter the bottom of the triangle.

Fucking science, man.


the bermuda triangle

is caused

by ocean farts

well damn that’s cool

ocean farts.

Those damn ocean farts

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Envy Jaw- English Translation

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